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Join our Loyalty Program


The Fish & Chix Loyalty Card rewards you for purchasing Fish & Chix COMBO meals. 

You can also join the Fish & Chix Loyalty Program to receive more free items & other exclusive offers.

Join the Fish & Chix Loyalty Program in two simple steps:

Simply visit one of our stores and ask for your Loyalty Card.


Register your Loyalty Card using the form below.


Join our Loyalty Program

Simply register your Loyalty Card & receive a free fish cocktail, calamari and crab stick with your next COMBO purchase.

Please allow 7 days for your registration to be active.

Register your card

Thanks for registering your card. Please allow 7 days to activate. Once active when you purchase your next Combo you will receive the bonus items with your meal!

Loyalty Card Rewards

Scan your Loyalty Card every time you order a COMBO and you'll be rewarded with FREE ITEMS on your 4th, 7th and 10th COMBO order!

  • COMBO 4 - FREE ITEMS = 1 x fish cocktail, 1 x calamari & 1 x crab stick

  • COMBO 7 - FREE ITEMS = 1 x fish cocktail, 1 x calamari & 1 x crab stick

  • COMBO 10 - FREE ITEMS = 1 x grilled fish & chips COMBO!

* Free Items will be provided at the time of purchase of your 4th, 7th & 10th Combo.

Your Loyalty Card is valid at the store of issue only.

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